Test simple changes

Requests-OAuthlib is using tox as main test tool. It helps creating the required virtualenv for your python version. For example, if you have installed Python3.7:

$ tox -e py37

Validate documentation changes

Tox contains also a build method to generate documentation locally.

$ tox -e docs,readme

Then open the HTML page in _build/html/index.html

Verify all pythons versions

Requests-OAuthlib supports multiple versions of Python. You can test all Python versions conveniently using tox.

$ tox

In order to run successfully, you will need all versions of Python installed. We recommend using pyenv to install those Python versions.

$ pyenv install 2.7.18
$ pyenv install 3.4.10
$ pyenv install 3.5.10
$ pyenv install 3.6.14
$ pyenv install 3.7.11
$ pyenv install pypy2.7-7.1.1
$ pyenv install pypy3.6-7.1.1